Sarevok: Cyclops-wannabeYes, you can actually recruit the main villain from Baldur’s Gate, something that BioWare has gone on to offer in some subsequent games as well. I won’t spoil the circumstances in which this happens, but suffice it to say that your Bhaalspawn can give Sarevok a second chance at life. What he makes of it depends entirely on how s/he treats him. Sarevok appears as a bald Chaotic Evil human Fighter with glowing yellow eyes, but he may end up becoming Chaotic Good, depending on his interactions with your protagonist. Yes, that’s quite a drastic change, compared to Viconia or Anomen, and I’m not sure I like the way it’s handled, but there you have it. Sarevok’s stats are amazing. He has the highest Strength of all recruitable NPCs, excellent Constitution, both good Dexterity and Intelligence, and even decent Charisma. If he were available earlier, he could’ve made an excellent Fighter/Mage or Fighter/Thief, but he doesn’t even need that to kick butt. He has a trait called Deathbringer Assault, which means that he has a 3% chance of dealing 200 (!) additional points of damage whenever he strikes a blow. Training him in halberds will ensure that he can use the awesome weapon that is the Ravager, as no greatsword (his original weapon of choice) will ever be able to surpass Carsomyr, and only Keldorn or a Paladin Bhaalspawn can use that. Personality-wise, Sarevok starts out bitter, but still power-hungry and determined to try his best not to squander his second chance. You also learn some troubling details about his past, and why he was so intent on killing Gorion.

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