Somewhat peculiarly, the background story to the game is separate from its main body and accessible from the starting menu under the “Prologue” heading. It describes the life of Platina, a young girl who lives in Coriander, a village so poor that its inhabitants have resorted to selling their daughters into slavery. This is what awaits her as well, if it were not for her neighbour and sweetheart, Lucian, who has already witnessed his little sister being sold. He convinces Platina to elope with him, but, as their luck would have it, their escape brings them to a meadow of poisonous flowers. Lucian warns Platina against inhaling the pollen, but, heartbroken by her parents’ cruelty, she refuses to go any further and dies as a combined result of the poison and her anguish.

VesselUnbeknownst to Lucian, Platina was a host for the soul of Lenneth, one of the three Valkyries under Odin’s command. As their combined power would challenge his own, he has devised a mechanism to keep them under control: they have one body between the three of them, and only one inhabits it at any given time, while the other two lie dormant within human hosts. If a host dies, or if Odin decides the time has come for a switch, he moves the soul of the active Valkyrie into its own host and awakens one of the other two, placing a seal on any memories of her sojourn within her human host to prevent any unwelcome empathy with her future Einherjar. This is precisely what happens to Lenneth when Platina dies, and she is therefore transferred to active duty, so to speak. The goddess of fertility, Freya, helps her find her feet, and she sets off to recruit Einherjar to bolster the ranks of the Aesir, as Ragnarok rages in Asgard. But the seal on her memories is put to the test when events that remind her of Platina occur and when she eventually encounters Lucian again. And what happens if the seal breaks? Combine this with Loki, the trickster god, Brahms, the Lord of the Undead (and not the German composer), and an obsessive wizard called Lezard, who each have their own agenda, and you have a whole lot of trouble brewing. It’s an interesting take on the usual ‘save the world’ goal, since Odin and the Aesir simply care about saving one world, Asgard, perceiving humans as expendable pawns in their own schemes. Lenneth has the potential to choose a side, but it all depends on how you handle her actions and decisions.

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