As much as I love the writing in Planescape: Torment, Chris Avellone, its main author, has a self-avowed distaste for romance in general and happy romance in particular. And it shows, both here and in his later contribution to Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. So while this is one of the first WRPGs to actually include some romance for the main protagonist, don’t expect to a) have much in the way of content, or b) a happy conclusion. That being said, both romantic options are well-written characters, and their romances therefore do have some appeal, despite the scarcity of the material. Do keep in mind that both women will feel attracted to The Nameless One, regardless of whom he favours. And then, there’s Deionarra. And Ravel. Come to think of it, for an ugly, scarred, immortal lug who smells of embalming fluid, TNO is a pretty big hit with the ladies.

Annah: Fire withinThe more obvious and straightforward option of the two, and also the one with more content. Annah’s fiery, passionate nature and fiendish heritage make for an explosive combination, and the flirting can get very hot, both figuratively and literally. That being said, a kiss is all that ensues, surprisingly enough. Or well…there’s also some biting. And some stat gains, which is another incentive to pick her. Anyway, beneath all the bluster, Annah is rather insecure, not only about her appearance, but because she’s never really known any kindness in her life. With all that, she’s aware that TNO carries a heavy burden and guesses that things are very unlikely to end well, but this paradoxically only strengthens her feelings, and her own pain makes her latch onto him, much as it does with the other characters. This creates a rather moving situation. Keep in mind that ‘fiery’ also means ‘jealous’: Annah won’t take kindly to Fall-from-Grace’s presence, even if your TNO shows no active interest in the latter, going so far as to temporarily leave the party at one point. So make sure he’s ready to reassure her if you want to keep her.

Fall-from-Grace: Amazing graceThis is the more subtle option of the two, and, frankly, there’s very little in the way of romantic content. TNO can express interest in Grace, but apart from a cryptic comment that “something has changed” between the two of them after a specific scene and a rather heartfelt speech at the end of the game, that’s about as far as it goes. The main problem is that, since Grace is a succubus, any physical contact may become hazardous, and kissing is downright lethal (you may test this out if your TNO has low Wisdom). What’s more, Grace has a distinct lack of interest in matters of the flesh, so the ‘romance’ is more akin to a mutually acknowledged attraction and understanding than anything else. That being said, due to her longevity, she has a better idea of the burden of immortality and the pain of forgetfulness that TNO has to deal with, which adds poignancy to the situation, especially by the time the ending rolls around.

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