Before you install anything else, you need the latest official patch for the game. Beyond that, you don’t actually have much choice: unlike Baldur’s Gate, there aren’t many mods available for Planescape: Torment, but what is available is pretty much necessary for a smooth gameplay experience, due to the game’s rather unpolished default state. I guess that’s what you call a diamond in the rough. These mods are mostly the work of a modder called Qwinn and are dedicated to fixing bugs and restoring cut content, but there are also some helpful convenience tweaks. You can find all of this at Spellhold Studios (or SHS) and some at The Gibberlings Three (or G3), both of which are forums for active modding communities. I will list the mods in the order they should be installed in.

WeiDU by Weimer: Short for “Weimer’s Dialogue Utility”, named after its creator. This isn’t actually a mod, but a compiler program that will take care of installing all your PST mods. It largely automates the process and generates a handy log that lets you keep track of everything you’ve installed and the order you’ve installed it in, which is very important, especially if you run into bugs or incompatibilities. Every mod on this list is installed via WeiDU.

Widescreen Mod by the bigg: This mod allows you to run the game at any resolution you wish. Simple, but effective and highly recommended. What’s more, you can also use it for BG, BGII, Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II.

PS:T UI Mod by GhostDog: The Widescreen Mod is all well and good, but the problem is that PST doesn’t really like high resolutions. So this mod is designed to make the game’s UI play nice once the Widescreen Mod is installed. It re-centres most windows and makes them prettier. Additionally, there’s also the option of making all fonts bigger to be more easily readable.

PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack by Qwinn: A plethora of bugfixes from various sources, kindly compiled into one common installation by Qwinn. We’re talking stuff like broken dialogue, unavailable items, bugged quests, spelling mistakes. Needless to say that this goes a long way towards improving the game’s playability. Additionally, it offers the option to turn on subtitles during cutscenes.

PS:T Unfinished Business by Qwinn: Again, this is a collection of several people’s work, compiled by Qwinn. It restores several quests, creatures and dialogues that were cut from the game, in particular a consequential section concerning Deionarra. It mostly depends on whether you think cut content was cut for a reason or not. I’m rather adamant about getting as much of the original content as possible, but your mileage may vary. The cut content has been reintegrated pretty seamlessly though, so I would say that it’s worth your while.

PS:T Tweak Pack by Qwinn: This mod implements several very useful tweaks that help deal with the more annoying aspects of the game. This includes, in no particular order:

  • Making jewellery and scrolls stackable for easier inventory management.
  • A more sensible way to display THAC0, à la BGII.
  • Allowing the party to rest anywhere.
  • Identifying all items, so that you don’t have to waste time by doing it yourself.
  • Removing the fog of war from all areas of Sigil.
  • Introducing a way to save Nordom, should you forget to free a party slot before travelling to Curst to pick up Vhailor. This way, you can swap Nordom out for Vhailor, then rescue him once you’re done with Curst.
  • Shortened banter timers, which allows you to hear more of the scripted inter-party banter.

And other things as well.

DDraw Fix by aqrit: This is a purely technical mod intended for modern PCs, as some of the newer NVidia graphic cards may cause display glitches in PST. Just like the Widescreen Mod, this can also be reused for BG and Icewind Dale, should you encounter similar technical difficulties with them.

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