The story takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting, in the world of Toril on the continent of Faerûn. This time, the action unfolds in Neverwinter, a city far to the north of Baldur’s Gate on the Sword Coast. The city owes its name to the fact that it enjoys a temperate climate, despite its northerly location. The protagonist in the original campaign is a student at the Neverwinter Academy when a plague called the Wailing Death breaks out within the city. The authorities are desperate for a cure, and, after your protagonist’s graduation is interrupted by an attack by some shady individuals, they decide to step up their efforts. The protagonist is partnered with the three advisors of Nasher Alagondar, the Lord of Neverwinter: Aribeth, an elven Paladin of Tyr (the god of Justice); her fiancé, Fenthick, an elven Cleric of Tyr; and Desther, a human priest of Helm (the god of Guardians). The initial goal is to hunt down four creatures that have been brought in from the city of Waterdeep, because it is believed that they are instrumental in creating a cure. However, they have escaped in the chaos and are scattered all over the city. While searching for them, the Who are these people?protagonist uncovers an evil cult intent on spreading the plague and pursues it, which leads to unfortunate consequences. Finding their headquarters outside the city and neutralising them becomes the next goal, especially as their machinations end up hitting much closer to home than anyone expects. They’re also much more long-term than simply spreading a plague.

It’s all pretty standard fare, as far as RPG plots are concerned, and, in my eyes, serves to showcase the fact that, without interesting characters, RPG stories tend to be as compelling as stale bread.

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