Drogan’s Pupil

Drogan’s Pupil: While it’s actually possible to import your character from the OC, doing so makes very little sense in terms of storyline. First of all, why would an illustrious hero(ine) who has just saved an entire city from destruction suddenly decide to become the apprentice of an obscure dwarven Wizard way out in the boondocks? Secondly, some NPCs actually mention that the storyline is taking place in parallel to the goings-on in Neverwinter, so it’s not even possible from a logical point of view. Thirdly, it will make even less sense when you import the character into Hordes of the Underdark, because that brings back henchmen from the OC who have not only clearly never met your character before, but also reference the Hero of Neverwinter as a completely separate person. Besides, SoU is designed with a level 1 character in mind, so there’s really no point in dragging your Hero of Neverwinter into this. Other than that, the character creation process is identical to the OC, as are all the customisation options. The only real difference lies in the class selection.

Dorna: This brown-haired and green-eyed True Neutral dwarven Rogue/Cleric is one of your protagonist’s fellow students at Drogan’s school. Dorna has travelled very far from her clan’s home in the mountains to join the school, after finding herself at odds with their traditions. She notably insisted on becoming a Cleric (of Vergadain, the dwarven god of Luck, Trickery and Wealth), despite it being traditionally a male-only occupation, much like Branwen in BG. Unfortunately, Dorna’s rebelliousness also inspired her sister, which had some tragic consequences that she still blames herself for. Dorna starts out with a short sword and, somewhat surprisingly (or not, given that she is a dwarf), an axe. She has excellent starting Dexterity and Constitution, which means that she’ll do very well in the Roguish department, but also has enough HP to survive in melee. Her starting Wisdom, on the other hand, is only average, but it will steadily improve if you either tell her to keep levelling both of her classes or to focus exclusively on Cleric. Either way, she’s the only henchwoman capable of healing, so if your protagonist isn’t a Cleric or a Druid (or a Rogue, for that matter), chances are that she’ll come in handier than the other two. Personality-wise, she’s somewhat gruff and cynical, courtesy of her past, and makes a point of stating that she’s only in it for the money several times, even though she’s really a good person at heart, alignment notwithstanding.

Xanos: A Chaotic Neutral half-orcish Sorcerer/Barbarian with black hair and black eyes, Xanos is another one of the protagonist’s fellow students. Mocked and driven out of his hometown because of his heritage–this seems to be a staple for half-orcs–, he decided to become powerful, so that he could eventually take over a country and no one would ever bully him again. Xanos comes equipped with a dagger and crossbow and starts out with pretty good Charisma (how…?), which covers his casting skills. He also has good Constitution, meaning good survivability on the front lines. His Strength, however, is mediocre, unless you tell him to focus exclusively on his Barbarian levels. It’s probably a good idea to do this anyway, since Sorcerer and Barbarian just aren’t compatible classes (heavy armour hampers casting). Besides, even if you decide on Barbarian, Xanos’ A.I. has a tendency to make him cast spells anyway, regardless of how you set his tactics. So, basically, in most cases, Dorna is probably the better choice. Which is a shame, because Xanos is actually a rather complex character. His posturing and bluster are a reaction to racism, and although he does genuinely want power–he’s somewhat reminiscent of BG’s Edwin–, he intends to become an enlightened despot, rather than a tyrant, as he understands that fear and violence are counterproductive. Also, deep down beneath all this, he’s actually a rather decent guy.

Deekin: Now this is an original henchman. Deekin is a Chaotic Good…kobold Bard/Rogue. Your protagonist first runs into him while pursuing the kobolds that raided Drogan’s school at the behest of a white dragon named Tymofarrar. Deekin is part of the same kobold tribe, but doesn’t enjoy his kinsfolk’s marauding ways. Tymofarrar taught him to read, sing and write out of curiosity, and now, his dream is to become famous and write a saga that will go down in history. He just hasn’t found a suitable subject yet. That is, until he meets your protagonist, whom he quickly becomes awestruck with and begins calling “boss”. Deekin comes equipped with a dagger and a crossbow, but is only available as a henchman from the Interlude onwards. Still, I wouldn’t really advise you to pick him. Compared to both Dorna and Xanos, his stats are mediocre. His Strength is puny, his Dexterity is lower than Dorna’s, even if you have him focus on his Rogue levels, and his Constitution is lower than Xanos’. His Charisma is good (again…how?), which is good news for his Bard Song, but his Intelligence is poor, meaning that he won’t be much help with spells. It’s unfortunate, because I actually find him quite endearing, with his wide-eyed enthusiasm, goodwill and unabashed admiration for your protagonist. Luckily, he returns as a much more useful henchman in HotU, so, even if you like him, feel free to give him a pass here.

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