Unfortunately, the game’s soundtrack is on par with the rest of it, i.e. mediocre. Penned by one Jeremy Soule, it…just fails to stand out in any significant way. Most of the songs are identical-sounding, darkly ominous affairs, with rather inchoate melodies. As a result, I would be pretty much incapable of humming one of them off the top of my head, or even recognising them upon listening to them. Even the “Main Theme” is a forgettable mess, alternating between the brooding and the brash. In fact, I think that the most notable tracks are the various tavern songs, simply because they actually stand out from the ambient gloom, despite being simple and repetitive. There’s the lilting “Shining Serpent Tavern”, from the eponymous tavern in the Beggar’s Nest in Neverwinter, which sounds a bit like it’s being played on a harpsichord. Then there’s the brisk and jolly “Seedy Tavern”, whose namesake is located in the Neverwinter Docks, the “Cutlass Inn” from Luskan, which sounds surprisingly soulful and pensive, and the delightfully named “Wink and Tickle Bordello” (also in Luskan), with its light, cavorting rhythm.

Some of the combat tunes also stand out of the ambient morass. Most of them are named after the locale where the battles take place. “Warrens of the Damned” has a whirling quality to it, while “Siege of Fort Ilkard” is loud and brassy. “North Road” starts off modestly, but builds up into something probably more epic than is warranted by that particular area. Finally, “Street Encounter”, which, as its name does notimply, plays at the Neverwinter Docks gives the sense of a lurking menace pouncing from the shadows.

There are a couple of other tracks named after the locations they play in that are easy on the ears, such as the soothing chanting of “Temple of Tyr”, the majestic peacefulness of “Neverwinter Wood” or the delicate harp strains of “Rich House”, which plays in the Blacklake District mansions.

On the other hand, you have completely useless tracks such as “Creator Ruins”, which is essentially a glowering ambience with some scratchy sounds interspersed throughout, the barely audible “Ruins of Illusk” or “The Great Graveyard”, which consists of a bunch of sustained notes with some background rumbling.

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