Ages (To D’ni)

D’ni: SepulchralThe great city of the D’ni is accessible via several different linking books to various locations around the cavern it’s located in. The first one, a brown book with a hand drawing on the spine, compiles the multiple tablet-links to Ae’gura, the main district of the city. The light blue book with a golden pattern on its spine takes you to Bevin, one of the residential districts, or “neighbourhoods”, which serve as hubs for players in the online version, located around the large lake that occupies the centre of the cavern. Bevin serves as your first real access point to Ae’gura via several tablets, notably to the Great Zero, D’ni’s geo-location device, where the age’s main puzzle begins. The DRC neighbourhood of Kirel can be accessed via Phil’s Relto. Each neighbourhood contains linking books to the garden ages of Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal, as well as a book to the Nexus, which serves as a sort of public transportation system. It features on your Relto bookshelf as a yellow book with a circular green pattern on its spine and consists of a small, dimly lit room housing a collection of linking books to different cavern locations. You can also find linking tablets to Teledahn and Kadish Tolesa in Ae’gura. Unfortunately, for all the hype surrounding it, D’ni feels a bit disappointing. Considering that the city is in ruins and located underground, it’s understandably empty and very drab-looking, muddy brown being the prevalent colour. The lake contains bioluminescent algae that used to supply ambient light, but eventually sickened, which is why it’s so dark. This lack of light does contribute to the overall impression of sepulchral grandeur, though, especially from the iconic Arch of Kerath located at the entrance to the harbour. The problem is that very few locations are actually accessible. There are some highlights, such as the Hall of Kings, built to house the biographies of every D’ni king (warning: it’s a HUGE read), and the extremely unsettling ruins of the Kahlo Pub, which was the set of a tragic occurrence in the online version of the game. But everything I read about the city’s history left me wanting more: I would’ve loved to visit King Ahlsendar’s tomb, for example, or the Manor of Illusions. That aside, D’ni also houses the Watcher’s Sanctuary, a sort of pub/shrine established by Guildmaster Kadish, with a window looking out onto a gigantic tree. This is the beginning and end of the Path of the Shell puzzle, which Kadish designed to prove that he was the Grower, but also houses linking books to Ahnonay and Er’cana. In the offline version of the game, it’s accessed via a dark blue linking book with a leaf-like pattern on its spine on your Relto bookshelf. In the online version, it’s accessible via the Nexus.

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