Myst Masterpiece Edition

Also known as MME. ‘The same, but better’ sums this one up quite nicely. Almost all this version does is update the graphics and the audio. The original game was released at a time when mainstream computers couldn’t handle 24-bit images, so the developers had to reduce them to 8-bit and find a way to conceal the image quality loss. They mostly succeeded, but when technology caught up in 1999, they simply decided to re-release a better-looking version of the game. Still, it’s very likely that you…won’t MME on the left, original on the rightactually notice the difference, unless you specifically compare two frames from each game side by side. The audio is better, the music having been remastered and new sound effects added, but again, unless you specifically compare the two, chances are you won’t notice the difference.

So what’s the point of this remake then, you ask? Well, it does add a bunch of frames to the game, meaning new views of each age from different angles. It also adds a help system, which contains maps and hints for each age. While I think it’s superfluous, I’m also speaking from the perspective of someone who knows the game pretty much by heart, so it’s now a bit harder for me to judge what people might find difficult or not. And yes, navigation can sometimes pose a problem, I guess, as on the first level of Channelwood, with its identical-looking huts, or on Selenitic, with its thick fog.

The other argument in favour of this remake is the fact that it’s more recent and therefore more likely to play nice with modern-day computers. In fact, I’m not even sure whether it’s possible to run the original game anymore, even in compatibility mode.

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