Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey

Logo: Gongora’s staff

Theme: mortality

Team: 9 characters:

  • 4 female (Seth, Cooke, Ming, Sarah)
  • 5 male (Kaim, Jansen, Mack, Tolten, Sed)

Lead: Kaim

Villain: Gongora

Favourite characters: Jansen, Sed, Seth

Disliked characters: Sarah, Tolten

Controllable characters: Kaim, Jansen, Cooke, Seth, Ming for a short while, Tolten for 1 battle

Modes of transportation: airship/submarine (Nautilus), 2 ships (Slantnose, White Boa)

Optional dungeons and superbosses: The Immortal One in the Backyard, Killalon in the Experimental Staff Remains

Save points: orange spheres

Starting level: 10

Final level: 70+ for the main story/99 for the Experimental Staff Remains

Maximum party size: 5

Final party/Optional boss party: whomever you like (my version: Kaim, Seth, Ming, Sarah, Jansen/Sed)

Time to complete: ~70 hours

Favourite places: Numara Atoll for the scenery; Kelolon Village because of all the kelolons; Old Sorceress’ Mansion because it’s genuinely creepy

Horrible places: Temple of Enlightenment because of the tough enemies and the spinning walkways; Black Cave because of the almost invisible holes in the ground; Uhra Sewers because they’re tedious to explore

Main levelling spots: Numara Atoll, Temple of Enlightenment

Oddities: Mack uses discs on his arms as weapons, Composite Magic

Systems: Xbox 360

Downloadable content: Triple Bonus Pack, Seeker of the Deep

Combat system
Downloadable content

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