*laughs* What storyline? No, all jokes aside, there is a storyline, even if it’s pretty basic. The balance of the four elements which make up the world is broken, and so everything starts messing up. The wind weakens, the earth rots, water stops flowing and fire loses its heat. And then four adventurers show up, each with a darkened orb in their possession. They help the king of Corneria/Cornelia to rescue his daughter, Princess Sarah, from the evil Garland. The king then realises that they are the legendary Warriors of Light, destined to restore the world to balance by rekindling the light of the orbs they hold, and encourages them to go forth and spread the lo–…to save the world. In the process of locating the various crystals, they have epic adventures of all sorts, from having to wake up the prince of the elves, to finding the King of the Dragons (FF veterans, I’ll give you three guesses as to his name), to deep-sea diving in a barrel. The only really surprising element lies in the ending, which decided to go off the deep end. But I’ll leave that discovery to you.

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