Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII logo

Logo: Meteor

Theme: ecology

Team: 9 characters:

  • 3 female (Tifa, Aeris/Aerith, Yuffie)
  • 6 male (Cloud, Barret, Red XIII/Nanaki, Cait Sith, Vincent, Cid)

Lead: Cloud

Villains: Sephiroth (main), Jenova, the Shinra

Favourite characters: Vincent, Tifa, Red XIII/Nanaki

Disliked characters: Aeris/Aerith, Cait Sith, Yuffie, Cloud

Controllable characters: Cloud, Tifa, Cid; Barret and Aeris/Aerith for a brief amount of time each

Summons: Choco/Mog, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Odin, Kjata, Leviathan, Bahamut, Alexander, NeoBahamut, Phoenix, Hades, Bahamut ZERO, Typoon, Knights of the Round

Favourite summons: Hades, Knights of the Round, Phoenix

Disliked summons: Titan, Kjata, Typoon

Modes of transportation: chocobos, buggy, broken plane (Tiny Bronco), airship (Highwind), submarine

Optional bosses: Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon

Save points: funky-coloured hooks that look like question marks

Starting level: 5

Final level: 99

Maximum party size: 3

Final party/Optional boss party: Cloud and whomever you like, except Aeris/Aerith (my version: Cloud, Tifa, Vincent or Red XIII/Nanaki)

Time to complete:
 ~70 hours

Favourite places: Cosmo Canyon because of the music and the peaceful atmosphere; Wutai because it looks like a traditional Japanese village; the Secret Materia caves because they feel sheltered

Disliked places: the Great Glacier because it’s a bloody maze where the party can randomly pass out and have to restart the whole thing; the Gelnika because of the extremely annoying monsters; the Ancient Forest because it’s annoying to get through

Main levelling spots: near Mideel, Northern Crater swamp

Oddities: Red XIII/Nanaki uses combs, Cait Sith uses a megaphone (and is an oddity in himself)

Systems: PlayStation, PlayStation Network, PC

Combat system

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