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N.B. Since this game has been ported several times on different platforms, it has undergone several changes, notably in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Terra in Magitek Armour

Theme: purpose

Team: 14 characters:

  • 3 female (Terra, Celes, Relm)
  • 10 male (Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Shadow, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Mog, Strago, Umaro)
  • 1 unknown (Gogo)

Lead: Terra

Villains: Kefka (main), Gestahl

Favourite characters: Setzer, Edgar, Shadow, Terra, Mog

Disliked characters: Relm, Celes

Controllable characters: anyone

Summons (Espers): Kirin, Siren, Stray/Cait Sith, Ramuh, Ifrit, Shiva, Bismarck, Carbuncle, Maduin, Phantom, Shoat/Catoblepas, Unicorn, Sraphim/Seraph, Fenrir, Bahamut, Palidor/Quetzalli, Tritoch/Valigarmanda, Terrato/Midgardsormr, Starlet/Lakshmi, Golem, Zoneseek/Zona Seeker, Alexander, Odin, Raiden, Phoenix, Crusader, Ragnarok

  • Additionally, in the GBA version: Leviathan, Cactuar, Gilgamesh, Diabolos

Favourite summons: Bismarck, Phoenix, Crusader, Alexander (GBA: Diabolos)

Disliked summons: Stray/Cait Sith, Shoat/Catoblepas, Zoneseek/Zona Seeker

Modes of transportation: chocobos, Figaro castle, ships, 2 airships (Blackjack and Falcon)

Optional dungeons and/or bosses: none (SNES)/Ice Dragon, Storm Dragon, Blue Dragon, Earth Dragon, Red Dragon, Skull Dragon, Holy Dragon, Gold Dragon, Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon in the Dragon’s Den (GBA)

Save points: luminous sparks

Starting level: 3

Final levels: 58-60 (SNES)/62-67 (GBA)

Maximum party size: 4

Final party/Optional boss party: whomever you like (my version: Terra, Edgar, Shadow, Setzer or Gogo)

Time to complete: 50+ hours (SNES)/60+ hours (GBA)

Favourite places: the Opera House for the beautiful opera sequence; Figaro Castle because it can go spelunking; the Phantom Train sequence, because it’s unexpected, fun and sad at the same time

Horrible places: the Fanatics’/Cultists’ Tower because it’s restrictive, way too long, and the music is horrible; the Floating Continent because it’s confusing and the enemies are a pain; Zozo because it’s a rainy, dilapidated den of thieves

Main levelling spots: Maranda desert for magic points/ability points, Dinosaur Forest

Oddities: Edgar uses tools, Relm uses paintbrushes, Umaro throws people

Systems: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PC (via Steam)

Remakes: eponymous on PS, Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA)

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Final Fantasy VI Advance

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