Eh. While some tunes are quite pleasant, FFII’s music is not particularly memorable, and actually includes some very nasty pieces, like the “Imperial Army Theme”, which sounds like someone hammering nails, or “Dungeon”, with its discordant, vaguely Oriental melody. And “Temptation of the Princess” has shamelessly been lifted from Swan Lake. Otherwise, the most memorable tunes are perhaps the bracing “Rebel Army Theme” and the grandiose “Castle Pandemonium”. Apart from those, the “Main Theme”, which is the world map music, is cautious and pleasantly aerial. “Town” is the peaceful ambient music in…you guessed it, towns. “Magician’s Tower”, from the Mysidia Tower, has a welcome anxiety to it, and “Ancient Castle”, the Kashuon/Kashuan theme, which is also reused in some Not even Santana could make this bearabledungeons, has airs of a medieval ballad. “Battle Scene 1”, the unimaginatively-titled random encounter music, is also surprisingly rousing, which is probably good, considering how often you’ll be made to hear it. Or maybe you’ll simply grow to hate it with a passion. Overall, this isn’t Uematsu’s best effort (N.B. Nobuo Uematsu, main composer for the FF series). Which is just as well, considering how bad the game is.

All tracks are from the GBA version of the game.

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