Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II

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N.B. Since this game has been ported several times on different platforms, it has undergone several changes, notably in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Logo: Emperor Paramekia/Palamecia

Theme: resistance

Team: 9 characters (10 in the GBA version):

  • 2 female (Maria, Layla/Leila)
  • 7 male (8 in the GBA version) (Frioniel/Firion, Guy, Lionheart/Leon, Minh/Minwu, Gordon, Josef, Ric(h)ard, Scott in the GBA version)

Lead: Frioniel/Firion

Villains: Emperor Paramekia/Palamecia (main), the Dark Knight

Favourite characters: Layla/Leila, Ric(h)ard

Disliked characters: Gordon, Lionheart/Leon

Controllable characters: Frioniel/Firion

Modes of transportation: chocobos, canoe, snowcraft, two ships, airship

Optional dungeons and/or bosses: Iron Giant in Pandemonium (NES)

  • In the GBA version: Ultima Weapon and the Light Emperor in Arubboth
  • In the PSP version: Beelzebub in the Arcane Labyrinth (Northeast), Tiamat in the Arcane Labyrinth (Northwest), Black Dragon in the Arcane Labyrinth (Southwest), Phrekyos and/or Deumion in the Arcane Sanctuary

Save points: none, you can only save on the world map in the NES and GBA versions/anywhere (even in dungeons) except in the Arcane Labyrinth in the PSP version

Starting levels: no levels, just stats

Final levels: just stats, but weapons most likely at 12 and attack spells at 8

Maximum party size: 4

Final party: Frioniel/Firion, Maria, Guy, Lionheart/Leon

Time to complete: 15-20 hours (NES and GBA)

Favourite places: Mysidia because of all the mages; Salamand(o) because I like snowy villages (although why a snowy village has a name that resembles ‘salamander’ is anybody’s guess); D(e)ist because of that poor wyvern

Disliked places: Mysidia Cave because of the confusing layout; the desert south of Kashuon/Kashuan because of the damn antlions; Leviathan’s stomach because eww

Levelling spots: desert south of Kashuon/Kashuan; forests around Mysidia…at least, that’s where you’ll spend most of your levelling time (NES)

Oddities: the horrendous levelling system, the keyword system, the possibility to teleport/warp enemies

Systems: Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation Portable

Remakes: Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls – Soul of Rebirth (GBA), Final Fantasy II – XXth Anniversary Edition (PSP)

Combat system
Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls – Soul of Rebirth
XXth Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy II XXth Anniversary

XXth Anniversary logo

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