I’m part of the much-fabled category of women gamers, and my combination of gaming enthusiasm and literary background has produced this website. It features two types of reviews (short and detailed), as well as an image gallery. So if you happen to drop by here and like what you see, please browse around at your leisure. I’m always happy to discuss games, so if any thoughts or suggestions come to mind, feel free to leave a comment. You’ll find a mix of older and more recent games here, as I work through my considerable backlog, in no particular order and of various genres, although I do have a preference for RPGs and, more generally, games with an interesting storyline and/or characters. It’s a work in progress, and content is being added when I have time to spare. If you want an idea as to what to expect, there’s an ‘Updates’ ticker on the homepage. Alternatively, if you spot an image you recognise among the headers, I’ve either reviewed that game or will be reviewing it, sooner or later.

Enjoy your stay! 🙂

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